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septiembre 16, 2020

Pocket Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus

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An all-in-one reference providing convenience, value, and the authority of Oxford Languages. The Pocket Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus is the ideal, all-in-one portable reference, with a dictionary and a thesaurus combined in one handy, integrated volume. A word’s meanings, synonyms, and antonyms are given in the same entry, allowing the user access to all this information at a glance. The text is fully updated with the latest lexical content, informed by Oxford’s extensive language research program including the Oxford English Corpus, a unique electronic database of more than two billion words that allows us to offer the fullest, most accurate picture of the English language today. Hundreds of new words cover computing, ecology, technology, and many other subjects. The Dictionary & Thesaurus includes helpful extra features such as a center Reference section, which includes thoroughly updated appendices. Within the text, usage tip boxes help users write more effective English. A completely r