President Biden lays out plans to tackle coronavirus pandemic – Ceyt de México
enero 27, 2021

President Biden lays out plans to tackle coronavirus pandemic

#stimulus #coronavirus #COVID19
Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith reports on the steps President Biden is taking to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
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  • Megan Wade dice:

    Joe biden lays of 11 thousand Americans that's the headline he is a joke

  • Robert Koch! dice:

    This senile old dinosaur is barely able to change his own adult diapers. I cannot believe we are relying on HIM to save our economy and save us from this pandemic.

  • not even a surprise
    he's the guy Obama put in charge of the swine flu epidemic and 60 million Americans got infected then forced the CDC to stop testing

  • Beverly Lee dice:

    There is one good thing that's come out of the coronavirus is that it's reminding people of there mortality and in doing so it might get some to think about the afterlife which the bible says there is hell and heaven and the bible says GOD is perfect and righteous and we know GOD exists because there has to be a creator of everything nothing cant create everything. and we know GOD want's morality because he gave us a moral understanding yet we still do things that are wrong such as telling lies lust hate greed ect therefore we need a savior which is Jesus Christ who was sent by GOD because he is also forgiving all we have to do is repent of our sins acts 17 30 and trust in Jesus Christ john 3 16 then GOD will give us eternal life in heaven as a free gift amen.

  • Mister M dice:

    Fight The Pandemic Buy Giving More Stimulus Money… The Heck U Mandating Mask On Federal Property… Already Mandatory To Wear Mask Everywhere… Sign A Stimulus Mandate $15 Hr… Just Another Fake President Saying Whatever The Public Wanna Hear To Get Voted In… How That WALL Coming Trump?????

  • Nice 69 Nice dice:

    if they’re gonna do this do this quickly part of my family has this s***ty disease

  • Kaan Deniz dice:

    Coronavirüs soldier of Allah

  • he just adds "more" of the things trump was already doing…

  • D K dice:

    Now why would YT censor my comment…? That's curious…

  • Executive orders to open businesses and schools? If Chump did that, the media would have been calling him a murderer. I hate the media!!!!!!

  • Glad they gave him more than one pen…He would have forgoton where he had laid the first one down at….Poor Ol Smeller.

  • Craig Forest dice:

    LOL, they are already disabling the comment section on the White House YouTube channel. The Trump administration let the comment section open… Just saying.😂

  • Ijones88 dice:

    He couldn't run a 7-11

  • Papa Wheelie dice:

    Cases have been falling sharply across the US for the past 2 weeks.

  • I discovered that primary goal releasing the virus was to vaccinate people…and the vaccination is not about healing anyone from covid flu virus but to sterilize people to reduce the population! At first I was heart broken, being against it but there is no better choice to save humanity and planet from ourselves. Connect the dots if you think I’m crazy. Listen to billgates speech one more time, watch the new TV show Utopia, they already telling pregnant women and the ones that want to get pregnant not to take the vaccine….it would expose their agenda too early, it will take about 5 years for people to realize what happened after birth declines.

  • Will Taylor dice:

    The plan is for the WHO to change their definition of a positive test from 1 single test, to two positives and a physician's confirmation. Interesting timing.

  • No one cares about what a fake President who stole an election is doing. We all know CCP owns him. MSM is dead.

  • S Alex dice:

    looks like someone put the pile on his desk. no need to read just sign.

  • ryan dice:

    Indoor dining restrictions in DC were just lifted. Not even joking.

  • Stephen Beck dice:

    Just please don't restart Timber Sycamore or fast and furious.

  • Jay Kay dice:

    Omg it worked! Coronavirus cases declined! Our lord and savior Biden the man who will split the sea in two! Give me a fucking break……

  • Where is my Obama phone?

  • Falcon Adam dice:

    if the mask mandate is not enforced, it will be a repeat of the metric system. We could have this thing under control in 6-8 weeks if it were taken seriously

  • mrglasecki dice:

    Calling it by its actual name SARS-CoV2
    would help the slowest come up to speed

  • CLARK ORTIZ dice:

    Funny how YouTube keeps "telling " us tha Beijing Biden is president. Keep telling the same lie and actually believe there own lies. Impeach Beijing Biden

  • Flowerlady dice:

    Fraud arrest him I’m tired of waiting

  • Very comforting to know we have a president taking Covid seriously and doesn't brush it off as a hoax.

  • markotep dice:

    As long as the politicians and wealthy get theirs first, that's all that matters, right?

  • Wearing a mask for autographs.

  • Strom Boli dice:

    This administration needs a fleet of RV’s

  • Tacit Tern dice:


  • Angie Hille dice:

    I wonder why the military turned their backs to Biden on his inauguration parade?

  • Angie Hille dice:

    Anyone notice the bible is upside down while he got sworn in?

  • >